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Product Release Notes: 

Release Notes for Deployment 10/31/22
Functionality Changes:
  1. QR Code Generator: When generating a 1-click scheduling meeting link, app will also generate a QR code containing the link.
  2. CSV Upload - Trim Extra Rows: If CSV contains additional blank rows, application will now remove the extra blank rows.
  3. Meetings Stage Stuck in Scheduling after meeting time has passed: Bug caused by manually changing meeting stage/status; meeting status now changes to completed after the time has past.
 No Functional Changes: 
  1. Get Teams API - Improvements
  2. Get Global Teams API - Improvements
  3. Get Contacs by ID endpoint in Swagger does return contact
  4. Update Contact API: Data returned in the response is not the updated data
  5. Add Message for 401 Unauthorized Requests
  6. Swagger Doc - Correct Endpoint for Update App Settings