Product Release Notes 12-12-22

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Product Release Notes: 

Release Notes for Deployment 12/12/22
Functionality Changes:
  1. Unsubscribe version 2: The unsubscribe function has moved from a global only feature to a template-based feature. Now this feature can be turned off for messages not requiring it.
  2. Shorter 1-Click URLs: Auto-scheduling meeting links are now significantly shorter for situations where the link cannot be hidden behind a hyperlink.
  3. Add New Guest Status (Meeting Status for Reporting): When an email is not able to be delivered because it was inaccurate or no longer active, it will be given the Undeliverable status.
 Non-Functional Changes: 
  1. Remove the tag button from the Add and Clone, user teams action
  2. Changed "Meeting Type" to "Meeting Template"
  3. Templates now force required inputs before providing the ability to Save
  4. Fixed blank white screen on Templates page
  5. Fixed email-based routing configuration when new user is added