Don’t Take Candy or Cold Invites from Strangers

With the progression of today’s marketing and sales technology, having sales reaching out to a cold list should be a thing of the past. If there has been no awareness, intent, or engagement between a prospect and your company, you’ll want to start there. Marketing should be filling this gap for sales. 

So when we hear people say, I would NEVER accept a meeting invite that was just sent to me out of the blue–good! “Stranger Danger” is real. I’ll bet that invite also has no context, a generic subject line, and no agenda… Double Stranger Danger!

However, sending a tailored and timely calendar invite is a more frictionless experience for:

  • Demo request/Contact us/Free trial
  • Qualified lead (MQL) triggers an inbound action
  • Renewals & QBRs 
  • Highly engaged target account browsing your high value webpages
  • High-intent campaign: booth scan, webinar attendee, PLG engagement, case study download

Here’s an easy to follow blueprint from TOPO/Gartner’s 2021 Sales Kickoff Summit.

For the lead sources listed above, the traditional method of lead chasing with 15 step 14 day sales activity sequences don’t scale and don’t convert nearly enough pipeline. 

Lead chasing these high value leads also cause two key issues for your potential buyers:

Issue 1:
Buyers have to sit back and wait for an SDR to randomly catch them on the phone or in the email. 

Issue 2:
Using calendar comparison tools during lead chasing leaves all the work on the buyer!
1. Open the reps calendar
2. Open your calendar
3. You (Executive buyer) is required to find a time that works for the rep
4. Select a meeting type from a list of options the rep sets up
5. Fill out a form, with a description of what to discuss (even though you were emailed the link)


If our potential buyers (typically Directors/VPs/CSuites) are willing to follow this process to book a call with a seller (many times an SDR), sales and marketing would be a whole lot easier than it actually is.

Can you imagine how amazing it would be?
Step 1: send email
Step 2: wait for potential buyer to book a meeting around your schedule

So remember what our parents told us. Don’t accept cold invites from strangers!

Originally published Apr 27, 2022 11:33:30 AM, updated

Topics: Sales and Customer Success

Scott Logan

Written by Scott Logan