Meeting Math: The Ultimate Lead Deficit Infographic

Meeting Math

How many of your leads (created by different marketing activities) never convert to sales meetings?

If you're like most organizations, the answer is probably, "too many."

At Kronologic, we calculate lead deficits all day, every day, while we prepare prospect proposals. After spending a significant amount of time analyzing top trends in sales and marketing, we discovered some interesting statistics.

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Our friends at Sales Hacker, Inc. put the data into this useful infographic:
(And you can feel free to check out our full article on the topic here.)

Meeting Math infographic


How do you measure up?

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Originally published Mar 26, 2020 3:52:38 PM, updated

Topics: Inbound-Leads

Aaron Bollinger

Written by Aaron Bollinger

Aaron Bollinger loves to create and evangelize innovative new technologies, which is exactly what he’s crushing in his current role as Co-Founder & CRO at Kronologic. Previously Aaron was a part of the team at BazaarVoice (formerly NASDAQ:BV), where he built out a global team that increased pipeline contribution by 300% and annual bookings by 500% - pushing both of these numbers into the tens of millions of $. Prior to BazaarVoice, during the rise of social media, Aaron was one of the founding sales hires at KickApps and helped build the company over 5 years through 3 VC rounds and onto millions in annual revenue and a profitable acquisition.