Product Release Notes - February 2021

Welcome to the February product release notes! At Kronologic, we believe in continuous improvement. To that end, these notes detail the feature enhancements and new functionality we released in February.

Active Scheduling Algorithm

Kronologic to Kronologic Calendar Support

Our user base is growing rapidly, which means we can help check other Kronologic users’ availability.

If you’re attempting to meet with a Contact who is also a Kronologic customer, our algorithm will take that contact’s availability into account when proposing and negotiating times. This lays the groundwork for many future calendaring possibilities and increases the chance your Contact will accept your invite.

Out of Office Accept Recognition (BETA)

If your contact is out of office, we can now recognize this and add the Meeting Instance back into the Queue until the Contact has returned from vacation.

First, the AI interprets language within the user’s automatic out of office response. Some examples are:

“I am currently away and unavailable until Friday, November 13th.”
“I am on PTO till 1/1/2020”
“I am currently Out Of Office and will be back on 22nd Oct 2018.”

Second, the AI decides if a return date was included in the Contact’s note.

  • If there is a date, the Instance status will change to Queued until another attempt is made the morning of the Contact’s return date.

  • If there is no date, the Instance status will be Queued for 7 days, and then another attempt will be made.

This beta feature decreases the number of instances that Requires User Intervention and increases the probability that the Contact will Accept.

Out of Office Intent Recognition is currently set to Off by default. However, this can be switched to On from the new AI tab on the Meeting Types page.



Import Channel Scaling

Our infrastructure now supports Import Channels with scale by using a single API call at the organization level. Previously, API calls occurred at the channel level.

This improvement allows for further infrastructure scaling on Intercept and Update Channels.



New Logging Type: User Attribute Change

A new type of log has been released in order to track user changes.

The User Attribute Changes log type captures edits from user fields. These include changes from User Management and from App Settings:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Title
  • Location
  • Meeting Link
  • Teams
  • Role
  • Availability (Currently listed as User Availability in settings and Schedulers in Users tab)
  • Timezone
  • Time Negotiation


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